Dark Room

(All doors must be unlocked to discover the truth !)

He stared at the darkness and thinking . In early morning , when all the doors were locked , they had all wanted to come in , and now that he had opened one door and the other had apparently been opened during the day , no one came in and even the keys were on the other side of the doors ...

The Dark Room is essentially an Adventure / Point & Click video game that by following the story line and visual arts is trying to attract most audience .
You open your eyes in an unknown environment while remembering nothing ! As you progress through the game and check the environments, you'll find letters of mysterious people which tell of the past. Strange things that reveal the great secret ...

Writer & Director : Saman Kazemi
Programmers :
Liang Wei - Akarash Nagpal
2D Artists :
Kian Ashrafi - Najmeh Tahayi
Music Composer : Alexander Zhelanov
Voice Actors :
Mostafa T.Moghadam
Max Afshar - Sepideh Vares