My name is Ritbone ! I don't know why my parents named me Ritbone but I like it any way, I love adventure and I hate the darkness . My mom says: It's pretty normal to afraid of the dark in this age ... but , sometimes you have to face with your fears !

Ritbone is an Puzzle Platformer game that after one year is available now ! The gameplay is start when our hero entered the underground world and you must help him by find keys, learning abilities and solving puzzles for saving his Teddy bear ! The Ritbone is available now on Steam ...

Director & Game designer :
Saman Kazemi
Programmers :
Muir Freeland - Saman Kazemi
Alireza Saremi - Liang Wei
Artists :
Kian Ashrafi - Michael Mac
Rafael Chiamenti - Hamdi Rizal
Robert Brooks - Josh Mooney
Lars Vanderzwaard - Drawkman
Voice Actors :
Mostafa Talebian