The Dark Wings

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The story takes place in the cold of winter and the rain.
It has been a while that the case of the disappearance of actors , aka "Night Shadow" has occupied the minds of the police and the people. "Captain Arman Tirdad" one of the best police forces, undertakes to handle the case.The same night, "Sam Haghighi", another actor is kidnapped mysteriously and boggles the police mind more than before ...

The Dark Wings , which is the first official project of Lexip Games, is essentially a Puzzle/Adventure game in the style of Adventure/ Point & Click .

Writer & Director : Saman Kazemi
Programmer : Alireza Saremi
Artists :
Saman Kazemi - Maysam Khankeshlou
Amin Sadeghvand - Kian Ashrafi
Akbar Erabian - Farid Ghanbari
Ehsan Salehpour - Sahar Sahranabard
Niloofar Navaie
Voice Actors :
Afshin Zinouri - Majid Ghannad
Shayan Shambayati - Amir Hakimi