The Darkwings 2

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Darkness , Darkness ...
Everything is dark , like when a movie title is over and the audience left the hall.In the movie theater by the end of the story all the darkness go away. At that time the lights will bring you to yourself. But things do not go the way you think each time ! there is no light. You are alone in the dark hall and silence , Your only hope is glimmer of light at the exit door ... Your only hope to get out of this darkness .
Since then , you will understand the value of the light ...

The Dark Wings Episode Two, is essentially a Horror Adventure game that by following the story line and visual arts is trying to attract most audience . The beta version of The Dark Wings 2 is now available and the final version , will be available for Windows and Android soon ...

Writer & Director : Saman Kazemi
Programmers :
Alireza Saremi - Masoud Darvishian
Artists :
Saman Kazemi - Maysam Khankeshlou
Amin Sadeghvand - Kian Ashrafi
Akbar Erabian - Farid Ghanbari
Voice Actors :
Shayan Shambayati - Amir Hakimi