The Robbers

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The story is about three petty thieves (Steve, Peter and Martin) who entered the main museum of city in a rainy night to steal a precious diamond .Everything goes right but something strange changes the fate of the plan .Three poor thieves encounter the zombies bunch! And now the mission of our guys has changed! They must escape as soon as possible from the museum ...

"The Robbers" is essentially a Run & Gun game that by following the humorous story line and visual arts is trying to attract most audience. Robbers has been designed for Windows , Android and iOS and is currently in the final stages

Director : Saman Kazemi
Programmers :
Masoud Darvishian - Alireza Saremi
Artists :
Saman Kazemi - Kian Ashrafi
Amin Sadeghvand - Motahare Ahmadi
Payam Mehmandoost - Farid Ghanbari
Maysam Khankeshlou - Niloofar Navaie